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BEESHES!! [06 Sep 2006|10:30pm]
[ mood | Engaged. ]

Guess what BEETCHES?! I'm engaged!! :D You don't believe me do you? After a year of dating, Chris asked me to marry him XD LMAO We always just assumed it was going to happen, but he actually proposed tonight. Oh, and I have bloodwork tomorrow. o.O

Here's the story.

So he starts sputtering off nonsense about us not making it through college, and then I cried for like, the whole day. So, it may not be legally official that we're getting married, cause I'm not eighteen quite yet, but the ring is here, and he did his whole spiel about wanting to grow old with me and I wos like cryin' like most girls do. Well, it wasn't like the whole big italian family over for dinner or anything and the proposal wasn't in front of them or anything, more like in my room by candlelight. good enough for me. before all this we went out for dinner and ice cream, he had cooked the dinner, and the ice cream was just a Friendly's thing. But then we got back here and I was like all depressed about him going to college and work and I'm going back to school on Monday, so there's so little time to see each other, but he promised that after college, if I was willing to wait for him, he was willing to wait for me. Yeah. I can do that. Then, he proposed. I WOS LIKE XD OHMYGOD. So yep. That's the story. CONGRADULATE ME, DAMMAT!! XD I kid.

So yeah, that's quite a twist of things. I went from dating to a loser I was totally depressed with, kinda wanting him back, getting over that sucker, and finding what I really had was really worth it all in a matter of two months. :D And you wonder why I've got some issues, I MEAN REALLY?! :D

\\\\X-Posted, Beetch.////

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right... [30 Aug 2006|05:23pm]
[ mood | V-DUB Engineers Rock. ]

I'm waiting for Chris to call at 5:30. It's 5:24 on this sentence.

Waiting takes forever, ever notice? Like, waiting is unusually cruel and nasty, especially if you're the wait-er.

Waiting takes longer and longer everytime I wait for someone. Geesus Christmas.

I went to my head-meat doctor today. I started crying because my mom and I had gotten into a fight beforehand. Interesting, because up to that point everything was running smoothly. My life isn't the mess it used to be. I'm glad for that, I guess my mom just needed to vent. My aunt Martha's out of her tree, calling my mom a big spender and my late uncle Gordon too cheap. I wonder if there's a healthy middle ground? Well anyway, my mom's miffed about that and she probably just needed someone to bark at for the moment. Well, alright, so I'm the tree to bark up. For everyone, I guess. People tend to come to me to spit their troubles out at. Oh well. I'm not being a therapist when I get out of college, anyway. How would you like it if you found out your therapist was on pills? HUH??

So, I'm sittin' in my undies and a white shirt typing on a computer. I look tragic...like a mess. Perhaps it's because I'm sick of waiting. Yeah, everyone gets sick of waiting after awhile. But what am I waiting for, really, I wonder? Chris? No, it's 5:30....

Or maybe I'm waiting for my life to finally begin? I've found where I want to be, but when do I start living it? Lol, I dunno.

I think its time to un-pimp the betta's fishbowl. And then I'll un-pimp my room.


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[29 Aug 2006|06:54pm]
This is the sadness of watermelon for dinner.

I tried to go to a party last night but my awesome mummy told me to come home immediately. What-ev.
So 60 calories per drink and hardly any cals at all for 4 watermelon slices sounds like a good deal for dinner time. Because hardly anyone takes you seriously when you're fat.

So I adjusted a few things in my makeup drawer so that I look good even when I wake up. I looked in the rear view mirror in my car at myself and said "Dammit, I look good." Yeah, everyone's entitled to their own opinions about me, but vice versa, damn straight.

So I wore my stilettos to Chris's house tonight, and I had to leave before dinner so they could eat, which is fine. We went upstairs to his room and stuff...played some Dragonball Z on his PS2, you know, the old crap. Budokai 3 :o

I lost. What else is new.


I just realized how many So's I put in this journal entry. Christmas.

The latest: My stepdad, as we know him, Todd, talks in his sleep. My mom said one night he screamed : "POCK!"

Pock is a word that goes back farther than I care to imagine in the childhood of Todd.

How hilarious is that. Wow...I laughed my hat off when I heard my mom scream the recollection of the story, especially when she said "POCK!!"



Anyhow, I plan to make a few fanfics and some pics for my lonely Deviant Art acct...its sad...

My name on there's TropicalPolaris find me.
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Yeah. Rant. [27 Aug 2006|11:31pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

You, you know who you are, are a prick. Yeah, I don't need you either. I'm going to do it this time, this is it. I'm gonna look so damn shocking when I get back its going to knock you on your ass. It's revenge. YES I am a strong believer in vengeance...and I use it to the best of my ability....and there's nothing better than looking better than an ex-boyfriend. So WHAT if my best friend doesn't quite act the same as before?? I can be better than that. I know I can.  And on that day....you'll be blown out of the water so hard you won't quite know how to react. You say you look amazing. You say you're awesome. Well your personality sucks. So does your attitude...looking down on those you think are below you. Well no more. I'm one less person to worry about looking down upon. Yeah, I've grown out of you. The emotions I had for you were a skin that I wore under my own, but its been bled out. All that's left is me. And me is the most important factor right now. And stop trying to break up my boyfriend and I by telling me that its going to all end soon, you little shit, cause I'll tell you something. What we share is the best I've ever had, and I mean the best I've had since Jason. Yeah. Better than our little escapade, if you will. And you never were able to master the French kiss...ever. You basically sucked at the only physical contact we shared. I lied about how good you were to me...you never quite got the idea that I really did love you, and all I got in return was your shit. Now really. I am one on my own now. If you cant handle that, then..well...I guess you'll just have to get over yourself, buddy, cause you can't see anyone else until you put down the mirror.

Good luck with that.

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[04 Jul 2006|04:25pm]

Want a Bil-Jac????

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And so. [04 Jul 2006|04:15pm]
[ mood | Dungeons and DRAGONS?! ]

So I went up to camp with Chris in teh'' Adirondacks and I got all calm and everything and then he gave me the hottest knife I've ever seen. I don't feel safe without it now. He's like "I can't believe it...no girlfriend of mine...no matter how unstable...is going without a knife of her own!" ::bestow bestow:: ::gleam gleam:: So I'm like...

::::OOOOOO KUEL!!::::

Norman would be proud. I'll take a picture later. I also got another German flag shirt mmm. Taster pertater. And a beach ball ::YEY::

I went swimming in the huge lake and the water was fantastic. I dug my toes in the sand and scuffed it so that I felt like a cat in a litter box.


I recommend this week: Eminem: The Eminem Show

If you haven't listened to the entirety of the CD, I suggest you do. Not that I'm a big Rap fan 'er nothin, but the lyrics are primo. ::acts italian::


See me about the Fetish story. It's a good one. hah hah....HAH HAH HAH lol lol


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[28 Jun 2006|07:55pm]

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[28 Jun 2006|07:27pm]
The other night I had this dream about DS, and everyone was there. EVERYONE. Like including Tinky-Winky, Oprah, and even Hulk Hogan. (Well maybe not Hogan but definately Oprah.)

I was on stage and I was crying. Like maniacally. :( Sad. Then someone throws a rose at me from below, and I couldn't see the face of this person. I tried to see them, but my eyes just would not cooperate and I couldn't focus. Weird. The crying stopped, and it turned into a ball from 1800's France. Weird...why France I wonder...anyway. I was dancing with this person and I realized what I was wearing: The FECKIN fanciest dress I have ever seen. I felt my head and I had some sort of tiara in my hair. Weird ass crap goin on. This person took my hand, bent towards me, and told me "The dance has just begun, don't leave yet..." I said..."Where am I??!!?!??!?!?!" I said it in French though :( How Do I Know French!

The person said "It looks like you are but a puppet on strings. Do you accept that?"
"Yes, I guess I do"
They said "So do I"

That was it. ::: If anyone can analyze this that would be primo. This is by far the most confusing dream....it seems like there should be alot of meaning behind it but I DONT KNOW WHAT IT ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :(

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[28 Jun 2006|07:03pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

And so goes another day of my life, gone by without warning. Yeah. I guess I AM going back to Doane Stuart after all, and I apologize to you all if I didn't tell you this. That's because I didn't want your panties to get all strung up and got you upset that YES I AM COMING BACK. This is official news. Sorry about the old journal. It's gotten old, yes?
Well guess who's back? :D

I can't begin to express to you the funk I've been in lately, while my grades have sky-rocketed in college night courses, I am failing at life. I'm down the drain. Hopefully going back to DS will make me brighter...or maybe not...there are some there that I cannot associate with at the time being...it would be 1. too embarassing for me and 2. ruin my progress.

That's what I'm scared of I guess...my popularity. How am I to ...HELL I DON'T NEED TO BE POPULAR! I'M FECKIN' SMART ASS! I'm skill. With the return of Norman, Lia, and Kaity and all them, the world will be a better place. :D Some of you know what I am talking about.

Hey, finally I'll get to see Mr. Weaver make his last amends and marks on the school, and hey, maybe Mr. Pettis will come back..and..maybe Mr. Foster will finally do that dance I've been begging him to do on the table.

Lately I've been addicted to coffee. I can't function without it and I often get grumpy and inattentive if I don't have it. Hey, I could be on other drugs, but I'm straight edge. I'm also STRAIGHT. VERY STRAIGHT. :D

IM ALSO GERMAN. If you can't handle that, well then, go feck a puppy dog, 'cause up yours and your "onkel" too.

First on my list when I get back to DS is to take Western Philosophy and Independent Study in Language.

Second is to kick some well deserved smart-kid ass. REALLY. I'm the smartest one out of all o' ya...>tootin mah own horn<

It's good to have self esteem, and it seems as if my adopt-a-soldier community is booming. Good for me.

So...good. Yeah. Good.

I feel like a rebel and a Vandal and I want to go "vandalize" things. But what would be the higher purpose? :(??

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Duh [15 Aug 2005|03:59pm]
You&apos;re the Artiste!
You're the Artiste!
Take What sort of Hipster are you? today!
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You paint, you draw, you cut up bits of paper, you take digital photographs. You're always on the move and great with your hands. You use words like "Postmodern," "image," "simplicity," and "project." You frequently fuss with your sculpted hair. Your clothes speak to others with their symmetry and color scheme. You spend hours in the studio. You've little money or accomplishment, but aren't concerned one bit. You listen to electronic music. You have friends and roommates who are also devoted to the creative side of life. You don't care if you never get recognized--as long as you've created art, then you'll die happy.
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SHUT THE F**** UP! The baby is asleep. [15 Aug 2005|09:59am]
[ mood | crazy ]

>southern boonies hobo accent< WELL HOWDY Y'ALL!


AAAAAAAAHAAHHAAHAH! I'm hyper! I just ate a bowl of RASIN BRANNNN


and two pancakes that i doodn't finish.




Willie Nelson knows your phone number and he is about to call you to ask you out on a date.


Okay on with the news of the prat...ahh...


Rite aid is such a pleasant place..hmm...

Theres something in my eye that is really making it hurt...isnt this a cool dutch name?:  Joortje


I'm reading The Diary of Anne Frank right now...i havent gotten to the good parts yet, cause I am still at the beginning...LETS START AT THE VERT BEGINNING! A VERY GOOD PLACE TO START!

Andrew's in CANADA or he's in NEW JEOSIE! Right now...I know hes not in Rotterdam Jumpsuit...(AKA Rotterdam Junction)

emm...I cant find Boo Radley...I wonder if he went to Great Escape to ride the Dumbos.


I just kidding about the KKK thing...I hate those southern people that do that. They're so WEIRD! WTF!?


Okays. Thats all fer now.



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cha magoucha [03 Aug 2005|03:35pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Che Guevara?


Anyhow, Got a new Depeche Mode collection CD today. I love it. Did you know that Rammstein covered Stripped from Depeche Mode? To be perfectly honest, I did not know that until today.

By the way, who ever is calling Andrew a loser and not leaving their name is just like Saddam Hussein and Osama. Cowardly people who find nothing better to do with themselves except for paw at their own penis while watching the computer screen and listening to N*Sync.


In other news, I had a dream about my old buddies at Doane Stuart, yes, Tump was in it too, and it also included the ever-sexy Zacharie Lanoue. Alright. So, Wheezy and I were in a band, and he let me play the drums for a talent show the school was judging. Tump an her misfits won. Her band was called "Death of Judas Jeremy" or something. She had cool staging.



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New Community [02 Aug 2005|11:04am]
[ mood | war buff ]

New community up about world war I and II soldiers. Join if thou darest. Driver's Ed is going well. Work is going well, btw, i work at Rite Aid on Curry Road in Rotterdam, stop in and say hello sometime. I have Wednesday and Thursday off so if anyone wants to do anything, you know my digits. Give me a ring a ding. So anyway, how are you? That's nice. People at work are very rude. Not my co workers, but the customers. They treat me like dirt. I say: HELLO! How are you today!? They're like: Good. I'm like: oookay... Well that stopped the conversation right there. Mood is stable, life is stable, snacks are being eaten... The other day I started crying in the middle of work because Frank >my boss< yelled at me, well, he seemed pissed anyway, and as you know, I'm a very sensitive cream puff of a human, so I balled my eyes out. Ah well.

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Whatebber. [28 Jul 2005|06:24pm]
[ mood | predatory ]

Nitzer Ebb?


Anyway...umm..once again, i am back with an update. men are trashbags. no, they are the coffee grounds and stinky banana peels in the trashbags, or they are the trash bags at work full of old beer cans that smell really bad. you choose.

KMFDM is my new craze. I bought WW III the other day, i mean, i have listened to them before, but nothing like this. they are back, with a BENjance. Ben is a very itchy child. He should get some Micanozole 7 for that.

Sam slept over last night. She claims that when she woke me up at about three in the morning she said something about peeing and i just rolled over and farted. oh well. thats just the thing to say to something like that.

Did i mention I went to see VNV Nation in Montreal? I got photos with him outside the place, some autographs, and an unexpected ass grab, and I was on the recieving end...as Ronan was the cause. Thats a night i wont forget. I still have the stick from the lollipop he and mark gave me. I also saw mark talking in french. I wanted to pat him on the shoulder and say "That'll do pig, that'll do." Mark is awesome at what he does.


We may be getting another dog. Maybe a Vizsla, maybe a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I hope it doesnt kill our cats =(

I sang to my mom in the car today, songs from the 80's...and i substituted some words for my cat's names.

Me: "You think I'll let it go youre mad! Jaguar's got another thing comin'! Jag's got another thing comin'!!"

Mom: "Mel, youre making my teeth hurt."

Me: "Another Jaguar chokes on food again. Aurora borealis comes into viewwwww"

Me: "Everything Boo does to me and everything Jag said: I just cant get enough, I just cant get enough"...

Grandma told Johnny never to call this house again. Well...that's too bad, huh? o_0

The end.

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[14 Jun 2005|07:26pm]
[ mood | Bopping to the Beat ]

Ja Ja Ja Was ist gut Was ist das?

Been a while again...I had a trip to C.C. Camp...only Andrew really knows where that is...

That was kind of fun, I made alot of friends, one whom is obsessed with me..oh dear...

Eins Zwei Polizei

Drei Vier Offizier

Funf Sechs Alte Hex'

Sieben Acht Gute Nacht

And so on..

>burp< I'm done with school, and I've been eating Ice Cream like its Water. It's pretty awful. I'm getting huge, like Fucillo huge. Ah well. I dont care. I'll work it off.

Thor is supposed to call me tonight. We'll see if it's a repeat of last summer. <3

Eins Zwei Polizei

Okay that's all for now. Kommentar, bitte.

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German Tongue Twisters (Zungenbrecher) [21 Apr 2005|01:03pm]
[ mood | Taking DMV Quizzes ]

I'd love to twist the tongue of a German man with these....or without them...O_o ....muahaha.


Es grünt so grün, wenn Spaniens Blüten blühen

Esel essen Nesseln nicht, Nesseln essen Esel nicht


Okay, that's enough for now. I'm supposed to be taking my DMV quizzes so that I can drive. I'll do it later. I procrastinate.

Zach wants me to go out with him tonight and I sincerely do not want to. He's also playing an annoying game of Texas Hold 'Em online. Sometimes I really do not want to talk to him. Not that he has ever done anything wrong to me, he just ...annoys me. I hope he does not see this. I think hes got a gambling/drinking problem. That's never good to have. That's also why I love my Andrew, so clean and innocent. It's refreshing in a world of...maurauders and degenerates...hmm..sometimes I wish Andrew would just try a margerita, or some wine, or an actual pina colada, but he isnt like that. He'll drink on our wedding day though. He'll have some bubbly champagne.

And speaking of bubbles, I wish to take a bubble bath later with my bath bombs. They fizz like crazy. Sodium Carbonate does the trick.

I think that my foot is falling asleep.

Today I was drying my hair and I was making erotic Mickey Mouse noises, something along the lines of "Oh Minnie! Get on the floor!" and "MINNIE! Get out the vaseLINE!" >on the line, you do a high squeal, that one was made by Andrew, the sick little rabbit.< My mom hates it, and I mean HATES it when I do it. So she opens the door to my steamy bathroom and stares at me defiantly. "You know why I'm standing here, don't you?" she says. I nod and laugh. She attacked me. She popped a zit that didn't even exist in the first place. She does it just to make me feel pain, she makes up pimples in her mind and she pretends to pop them. I get so mad when she does that.

Gosh I'm hungry for something delightfully sweet.

Here's part one of my favorite German fairy tale:

Es war einmal ein Mann, der hatte einen Esel, welcher schon lange Jahre unverdrossen die Säcke in die Mühle getragen hatte. Nun aber gingen die Kräfte des Esels zu Ende, so dass er zur Arbeit nicht mehr taugte. Da dachte der Herr daran, ihn wegzugeben. Aber der Esel merkte, dass sein Herr etwas Böses im Sinn hatte, lief fort und machte sich auf den Weg nach Bremen. Dort, so meinte er, könnte er ja Stadtmusikant werden.

Als er schon eine Weile gegangen war, fand er einen Jagdhund am Wege liegen, der jämmerlich heulte. "Warum heulst du denn so, Pack an?" fragte der Esel.

"Ach", sagte der Hund, "weil ich alt bin, jeden Tag schwächer werde und auch nicht mehr auf die Jagd kann, wollte mich mein Herr totschießen. Da hab ich Reißaus genommen. Aber womit soll ich nun mein Brot verdienen?"

"Weißt du, was", sprach der Esel, "ich gehe nach Bremen und werde dort Stadtmusikant. Komm mit mir und lass dich auch bei der Musik annehmen. Ich spiele die Laute, und du schlägst die Pauken."

Der Hund war einverstanden, und sie gingen mitsammen weiter. Es dauerte nicht lange, da sahen sie eine Katze am Wege sitzen, die machte ein Gesicht wie drei Tage Regenwetter. "Was ist denn dir in die Quere gekommen, alter Bartputzer?" fragte der Esel.

"Wer kann da lustig sein, wenn's einem an den Kragen geht", antwortete die Katze. "Weil ich nun alt bin, meine Zähne stumpf werden und ich lieber hinter dem Ofen sitze und spinne, als nach Mäusen herumjage, hat mich meine Frau ersäufen wollen. Ich konnte mich zwar noch davonschleichen, aber nun ist guter Rat teuer. Wo soll ich jetzt hin?"

"Geh mit uns nach Bremen! Du verstehst dich doch auf die Nachtmusik, da kannst du Stadtmusikant werden."

Die Katze hielt das für gut und ging mit. Als die drei so miteinander gingen, kamen sie an einem Hof vorbei. Da saß der Haushahn auf dem Tor und schrie aus Leibeskräften. "Du schreist einem durch Mark und Bein", sprach der Esel, "was hast du vor?"

"Die Hausfrau hat der Köchin befohlen, mir heute Abend den Kopf abzuschlagen. Morgen, am Sonntag, haben sie Gäste, da wollen sie mich in der Suppe essen. Nun schrei ich aus vollem Hals, solang ich noch kann."

"Ei was" sagte der Esel, "zieh lieber mit uns fort, wir gehen nach Bremen, etwas Besseres als den Tod findest du überall. Du hast eine gute Stimme, und wenn wir mitsammen musizieren, wird es gar herrlich klingen." Dem Hahn gefiel der Vorschlag, und sie gingen alle vier mitsammen fort.

Sie konnten aber die Stadt Bremen an einem Tag nicht erreichen und kamen abends in einen Wald, wo sie übernachten wollten. Der Esel und der Hund legten sich unter einen großen Baum, die Katze kletterte auf einen Ast, und der Hahn flog bis in den Wipfel, wo es am sichersten für ihn war.

more later.

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WHAT? [20 Apr 2005|10:04pm]
[ mood | Needs Andrew ]

how come nobody ever reads my livejournal but always reads andrews? frankly, i'm jealous. brb i have to take a pee pee.




okay im back. now whats all this hoopty about Doane Stuart and its no Piercing/Hair color rule? You dont go to school to express yourself, you go there to get grades and make friends. Deal with it, kiddies.

I am going to try to post more now.

Ive made many a friend at my new school, so dont worry about me, okay? im all good. Not that you worried anyway..

Here's someone I miss a great deal: Tony Romano. Oh how i miss you. call me and we'll do somethin okay? i miss your muscles ^_^ okay thats enough. but do call. we'll discuss slipknot and the protestant church.

Hi Luba! Yes i posted and i heard about your Piano War against yer mother. Quite entertaining. Its a Civil War! >screams< Hope you win, Luba. If you ever need troops of any kind, just call me, the military genious. ^_^


Okay i make no sense now. Im waiting for andrew to finish eating his chicken so he can talk to me online, i've been waiting since like, 9:30 and its now 10:13. I am a dedicated girlfriend, am i not?

I miss andrew. i hope i get to hang out with him on friday. or some day on the weekend. I still have uneaten pocky. i should eat that. im saving it for a special occasion, like when i graduate high school.

OH MY GOD I was watching the Gotti Show the other day and I tell you what, Victoria almost had a boyfriend, except for the fact she didnt like him, so she broke his little italian heart. oh well. i admire Victoria Gotti. She's a funny lady.

WOW I got this new body oil and it smells so good you'd want to die twice just so you could smell it again.

Im going to New Jersey...Wildwood of course...in august with my love-bear, andrew. yes. it WILL be fun.

Gosh he is taking forever to eat that chicken...

wonder what he's doing...

still waiting...

oh well. kommentar if you want to.

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now i post [20 Apr 2005|08:46pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

hi me back for a night!

now you post some things you love about me. >stolen from luba and andrew< it must start with "I love the way you..."


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! [16 Mar 2005|03:51pm]

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Gawed. [15 Mar 2005|05:15pm]
[ mood | Birthday Glee ]


Okay everyone out there. It's get to know you time. I'm making this up so if you use this on your livejournal, I wouldnt mind it if you put a link to me on yers, okay? Hey, you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

How are you today? - Happy, it's my birthday fer chris'sakes.

What did you have for breakfast? - Total, which was tasteless.

Favorite snack? - Jello and whipped cream, that or olives...O_o

What's happening right now? - The phone is ringing

What is your theme song? - I have two. Rock Me Amadeus-Falco, and Rein Raus-Rammstein

What's your smell? (Cologne, Perfume..etc.)- Burberry Brit

What's your awesomest country? -Germany

Scissors?- Please.

What's Your Motto? - Mine's Better Than Yours

Who was your first kiss? - David, kindergarten ^_^ (You never forget your first.)

T-shirt saying you love - Got Logos? (Logos is the Greek word for "Logic")

T-shirt saying you hate- My karma ran over my dogma

Worst Dream Story in the world- Kayleigh's Alligator Dream

Song stuck in your head- 1, 2 Step - Ciara

If you were to have a country, what kind of Government would it have? - Strict Dictatorship

Type of government you hate- Communism (but Karl Marx was a cool dude.)

What type of man?: Tall and Muscular or Tall and thin? - Tall and Muscular...mmm.

Most Influential Teacher- Mr. Weaver

Marshmallows or Tootsie Roll? - Marshmallows

Anime Character most like yourself - Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)

Are You Hungry? - Yes

When's the next time you eat? - Dinner

Dessert of Choice - Birthday Cake and Strawberries with whipped cream

Band that you have a shirt from or want one from - Rammstein and VNV Nation

Was this pointless? - Oh yes.


Have fun kids and kitties. I'll tell you what I got for my birthday later on when I actually get it. ^_^ >loves being sung to<

Rant At Melanie: Kill me with your words.

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